Walls need extra protection to last for decades. When construction engineers design a building, they make sure that the walls and external part has additional timber to protect the structure. That is why cladding is installed directly to the wall or to the timber battens. It not only provides much-needed protection but also creates a visual aesthetic making the building look more beautiful. Depending on the structure of the building, people can opt from different types of cladding such as:

  • Patent glazing
  • Rainscreen
  • Timber cladding
  • Tile hanging
  • Curtain walling
  • Shakes and shingles
  • Brick slips
  • uPVC
  • Fascias and soffits
  • Sandwich panels
  • Tensile fabric coverings
  • Metal profile cladding

Now that everyone knows about the types of cladding, it is time to focus on the tips to choosing a cladding installation company. The following guide will help get in touch with the best company in the business:

1. Provides cladding options according to the building structure

The company should be the guide to choosing the best cladding for the building. In most cases, it is not about the style of the cladding but the combination that supports the structure. The cladding company should explain the pros and cons of different cladding depending on the type of building the client has. This will help pick the best variant that will not only give a better look to the building but also improve the overall appearance.

2. Low maintenance service

It is not possible for workers to maintain cladding all the time because they are installed externally. While selecting a cladding company, it is essential to talk to the representatives and professionals so that they recommend a variant that requires low maintenance. But, even the most expensive cladding need occasional maintenance, and it is better to know if the installation company can provide that service annually.


3. Safe installation

Depending on the size of the building, the installers will need to harness themselves to reach the top floors, and this can be risky. Before hiring a cladding company, it is essential to make sure that the company has worker’s compensation so that client’s don’t have to pay for any injury that workers may be a part of while working. Usually, companies have enough safety protection to ensure that no one is injured. But, it is always wise to hire a company that has a full worker’s compensation.

4. Specialised materials

Cladding is not just about the timber used on the walls. It is also about the materials that support the entire unit. Companies that install cladding should provide top-notch materials that will hold the structure together for decades. Superior quality materials will ensure better thermal insulation in the building. In fact, one of the reasons why cladding is crucial is it offers as a protecting covering of the building from extreme weather conditions. With proper insulation, the building will not be too hot during summers or too cold during winters.

5. Warranty of service

This is probably the most crucial factors to keep in mind while hiring a cladding installation company. Different cladding comes with various lifespan, and the company should provide a warranty both on their service and also on the unit. Exterior cladding is vulnerable to rain, wind, and debris that can deteriorate its quality. But, that’s when the efficiency and skill of the cladding company will be tested. The longer the warranty period, the more efficient the company is in this business.

6. Obtain permissions

In most cases, no permission is required to install cladding. It comes under Permitted Development. This allows the property owner to make any changes to the cladding structure without any approval. However, there are a few exceptions that one needs to keep in mind while choosing a cladding installation company. Planning permission is required if the client needs cladding for a listed building, conservation area, area of outstanding national beauty, national park, and the broads. The cladding company should be able to get permission from the external authorities before starting the project.

Although there are many cladding companies around, it is always wise to choose that one ticks all the boxes mentioned above. This will ensure high-quality service making the cladding last for years.